Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scary Boo

What could possibly be so Frightening?

The worst possible nightmare, Speaker Pelosi!!!

Pelosi said that President Bush's tax cuts would have to be rolled back for those above 'a certain level,' with details to be worked out later.

Pelosi also said that middle-class tax relief would have to take a backseat to not increasing the deficit.

Finally.....Second in line to the presidency.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Next Tuesday in a nutshell

Funny stuff at IMAO

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm a lot like my Dad

For years he was the only person I knew, especially a registered Democrat, that was still proud to have voted for Richard Nixon--twice.

I had a Dummycrat friend ask me the other day what I still thought of the President.

Without hesitation, "I still LOVE the guy".

I'm proud that I went to Ames to support him in the straw poll.
I'm still proud of meeting him before the 2000 caucuses and supporting him during. I'm glad I got the chance to tell him at the Southside YMCA, before the 2004 elections, that he's doing a great job.

I am sad and angry that the Fiberal Dummycrats care more about the next election than the next generation.

I guess it's how I'm in tune with the President too....

"We're in this grand ideological struggle, I am in disbelief that people don't take these people seriously."

That's a quote from a meeting the President had recently with a handful of columnists, like Mark Steyn

Exactly! What part of they want us all dead don't they understand!?!?

Here's more...

He dismissed the idea that going into Iraq had only served to "recruit" more terrorists to the cause. General Pace told me last week that, if anything, the evidence is that Iraq has tied up a big chunk of senior jihadists who'd otherwise be blowing up Afghanistan and elsewhere. The president's view is that before it was Iraq it was Israel; with these guys, it's always something.

"If it's not the Crusades, it's the cartoons."

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rotten Appel?

According to the Ragister $269,866 has been spent in Senate District 37, that's the district I reside in.

The Dummycrat Staci Appel has outspent her Republican opponent Julian Garrett 12 to 1!

Yet on her web site claims to be fiscally responsible....

I would work to curb wasteful spending at the state government level and I would work to protect communities from tax increases....

She's wasting well over $250,000 on a political campaign for a seat that currently pays $21,000, No wonder she's now a homemaker and no longer a financial consultant!

This doesn't include money spent heavily by the Iowa Dummycrat Party on her behalf.

The Ragister also issued their endorsement of her today.

They admitted that the Republican Garrett is the more experienced of the two.

They also admitted with her husband, Brent, being appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court that she'll need to abstain from some votes in the legislature.

Supposedly it came down to her emphasis on education.

Checking each candidates web site I found these Education points...

Staci Appel:

I support making access to quality pre-school universally available to all Iowa children....regardless of income.

I support giving teachers the tools they need to succeed in the classroom including a fair wage.

I support adequate funding to maintain and enhance the quality of Iowa universities and to keep down the rising cost of tuition.

I support expanding scholarship opportunities for Iowa residents, increased investments, and special incentives to help control the cost of tuition.

Julian Garrett:

We must hold the line on spending and taxes to allow small business to prosper. The key to excellent schools.... is a growing economy

We do need to increase teacher's salaries, especially math and science teachers.

We must have accountability, rewarding teachers who do exceptional work.

Support for the classroom teachers, promoting better discipline is needed.

What I read is Ms. Appel wants to throw money at a purported problem and that means higher taxes!

The Ragister ends their editorial with the REAL reason they support Ms. Appel....

She also supports a woman's right to choose, while Garrett favors some restrictions on abortion. That might become a critical difference if the U.S. Supreme Court turns the abortion issue back to the states to decide.

I can't understand a woman who has given birth to four children who thinks it's o.k. to kill babies.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Commie Comeback?

CommieTommie Harkin's (center), and for that matter John Kerry's (left) favorite dictator is poised for a comeback.

Daniel Ortega is leading a field of 5 candidates for President of Nicaragua.

Thanks mainly to Ronald Reagan, Ortega was thrown out of office 16 years ago after his Sandinista's were forced to hold free elections.

He also lost in elections held in 1996 and 2001.

Ortega is receiving huge support from Che Junior, Venezualan leader Hugo Chavez.

Che Junior is providing subsidized oil to the Sandista mayors to help buy votes and sending illegal cash contributions.

It appears the Nicaraguan public is like the American public, suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

Under Ortega's rule Nicaragua's socio-economic standings were the worst of all Central American nations.

Ortega’s previous presidential term found him appropriating national bank funds for his personal account. He also took ownership of large estates, worth millions, that hadd been seized by the Sandinista.

Not so very long ago a journalist was murdered for reporting critical of Ortega. Others have received death threats, including the well-known political cartoonist.

Nicaragua holds elections Sunday November 5th.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fox not fair and balanced

The Ragister is reporting that Michael J. Fox will attend a campaign rally for Chester Culver at Drake University on Monday.

No surprise, he filmed an ad for CommieTommie Harkin during his last election.

According to the actors spokesperson, Fox...supports Culver's call for lifting a state ban on a type of embryonic stem-cell research and establishing a University of Iowa institute to conduct the research in search of cures.

The Ragister spins the stem cell issue this way....Stem cells are the building blocks of human tissue, thought by scientists to hold the keys to cures to degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's.

The TRUTH is that the promising research is in the field of ADULT stem cells!

Dr. Mary Davenport, obstetrician-gynecologist, and a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has a great article in the American Thinker....

The plain fact is that embryonic stem cell research is proving to be a bust. There are currently 72 therapies showing human benefits using adult stem cells and zero using embryonic stem cells.

The fact is that adult stem cells have already produced remarkable cures, whereas embryonic stem cells have failed.

It's not surprising that the same people; Fiberals, Dummycrats and the Media, that are for aborting babies are so intense on embryonic stem cell research!

As I pointed out in my post Tuesday, Blinding me with SCIENCE ....

Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson's disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.

Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York said human stem cells injected into rat brains turned into cells that looked like early tumors.

....Goldman's team used human embryonic stem cells. Taken from days-old embryos, these cells can form any kind of cell in the body. This batch had been cultured in substances aimed at making them become brain cells.

...Scientists have long feared that human embryonic stem cells could turn into tumors, because of their pliability.

Fox, ever the actor, even admitted that prior to his testimony before Congress he did not take his medication to control his Parkinson's...

I didn't take it deliberately as some kind of theatrical thing, but it seemed right for me to -- to be uncomfortable in that situation.

I grow weary of these self centered, self serving celebrities that only come forward after something has happened to them.

It comes across as, everyone thinks I'm great...CURE ME!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hee Haw Redux

That's the first thing I thought of when I saw Chester & Fatty's latest commercial.

As part of their TOO FAT & UGLY TO BE ELECTED TOUR, they're standing at a fence with water coming down on them.

Fatty Judge makes fun of Nussle spending money on a "rain forest in Iowa".

I'm not a fan of tax dollars going for that boondoggle either, but I wouldn't be ticking off voters in communities like Riverside, Pella and a few others who actually sought to bring it to their areas...not too swift!

They end up again talking about their Iowa Values and Common Sense.

As a LIFE LONG Iowan, not being smart enough to come in out of the rain is NOT a IowaValue nor does it show Common Sense!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blinding me with SCIENCE

Representative Leonard BOZO-well comes across as a desperate politician who only cares about being re-elected.

He has pandered to a little girl with diabetes during his debates and he has slammed President Bush and Jeff Lamberti for their stands on stem cell research.

He's tried to intimate that the President and Lamberti are against stem cell research. I know the President respects life, but his veto this summer only prevented further federal funding and did not stop stem cell research.

Here's what BOZO-well had to say about the President July 19....

"Science, not special interests, should steer lifesaving medical research. The research community has made tremendous strides in recent years in a number of areas. Many believe stem cell research is pivotal in the fight to cure juvenile diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and other disorders. This is revolutionary research....

It is unfortunate that President Bush has chosen to block this important research. It is a mistake for him to issue his first veto on this measure. Special interests should not scuttle critical research on deadly and debilitating diseases. This is a chance for America to move forward and not fall behind in scientific research."

Here's what I wrote about on August 17 (Dummycrat Demagoguery)...

Ronald D.G. McKay, a stem cell researcher at the National Institute of Health (NIH), has admitted publicly that stem cells as an Alzheimer's cure are a fiction, but that "people need a fairy tale."

George Bush is the first president to approve federal funding for stem cell research. There are lines of stem cells now available. There is no ban, President Bush vetoed expanding federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. If embryonic stem cell research was so promising it would attract private investment, like Adult stem cell research.

Now fast forward to October 22....

Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson's disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.

Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York said human stem cells injected into rat brains turned into cells that looked like early tumors.

....Goldman's team used human embryonic stem cells. Taken from days-old embryos, these cells can form any kind of cell in the body. This batch had been cultured in substances aimed at making them become brain cells.

...Scientists have long feared that human embryonic stem cells could turn into tumors, because of their pliability.

If BOZO-well had any integrity and actually cared about his constituents, he would truthfully speak about how any REAL scientific progress doesn't come from embryonic stem cells, but from adult stem cells.

There's proof courtesy of SCIENCE!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fiscally Conservative Dummycrats

Of course it's an OXYMORON!

More MORON than Oxy.

The Ragister had this observation regarding Polk County Supervisor Candidates Gene Phillips and John Mauro....

Both are fiscal conservatives by Democratic standards.

Chester Culver said in Saturday's Gubernatorial Debate that he was a fiscal conservative.

I was pondering that and then I checked Krusty Konservative's blog and he was able to put it in perspective for me.

Here's what that will mean for us REAL taxpayers....

$187 million to Expand Drug Coverage for Seniors with Multiple Prescriptions
$170 Million for Teacher Pay Raise
$150 million to Expand HAWK-I for parents of eligible children
$120 million for New Prison at Fort Madison
$100 million for Iowa Power Fund
$65.5 million for Higher Education;
$50 million for College Scholarship Program
$45.6 million to Expand HAWK-I for all eligible children
$40.5 million to Fill Prescription Drug “Doughnut Hole”
$40 million to Shift of Property Taxes to State
$21 million to Expand Earned Income Tax Credit
$15 million for Teacher Incentives
$15 million for Pre-School Education
$12.5 million for Community College Job Training Program
$10 million for the Iowa Center for Regenerative Medicine
$3 million for Iowa Senior Year Plus
$1.9 million for Domestic Violence Programs
$500,000 for Character Education Programs

Total Cost to Iowa Taxpayers of $1.048 billion

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Educated Dummycrats


I believe that is how the college crowd might put it.

I came across this web site, Simpson Dummycrats, when I googled Staci Appel for a previous post.

The site hasn't been updated in awhile, it's filled with wonderful examples of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Highlights are mine....

The Simpson College Democrats is the largest and most active partisan political organization on Campus. We have over 100 members, we host an array of exciting events and offer a unique forum for progressive politics on campus. Its fun and easy to get involved. We hope you’ll join us on our quest to TAKE BACK AMERICA! The Simpson College Democrats is a recognized student organization on campus. Any student is invited to join us. Please feel free to look around our website to see what we’ve been up to over the past year. Our New WebSite is an example of how the Simpson College Democrats is changing the face of campus politics. View Our Blog and tell us your thoughts, ides, and insights to the issues we have posted. Feel free to contact us with your any questions or comments at democrats@simpson.edu.

Like Clinton, it depends on what the meaning of the word IS is!

Simpson College Democrats is an Organization for students wanting to make America truely stronger. We, the Democratic Party are the party of hope, understanding, real family values, and progressive ideas. We believe in a common sense foreign policy that is by cooperation not by brute force. We believe that great education is through great teachers not standardized tests. We believe in the speration of chruch and hate! We support the right to choose in that it is safe, rare, and legal. We believe in the civil rights of ALL people no matter their gender, race, religion, and sexual orienation. We believe in a safe and secure environment that works to benifit us through clean and re-newable energy. We as Democrats also understand that WAR is not a Pro-Life position. Simpson College Democrats: "New Ideas Without Ridged Reactions!"

I'm glad they believe "great education is through great teachers not standardized tests", because it's obvious they couldn't pass.

I have no doubt that the "truely" believe in the "speration of chruch and hate!"

At the top of their page they have links to click.

One is for Dummycrat Governors that the spell GOVERNERS!

Here is their list of Officers

For the 2005-2006 Acedemic Year
President/WebMaster - Benjamin Williams
Vice President - Karla Bromwell
Secretary/Treasure - Kayla Burkhiser
Campaign/Events Coordinator - Nathan Artensen
Recorder - Up for election!
Campus Outreach/Public Relations - Up for election!

Note "Acedemic" was highlighted by the group.

I'm not sure who Kayla Burkhiser is, but she's quite the "Treasure" as Secretary.

The parents must be proud of their educated geniuses!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Off the Wagon

It took 6 1/2 months, but I penned my first letter(s) to the Editor(s).

One of the reasons I started blogging is because the Ragister lied when they advised me they would run a couple of letters I had sent them.

I was averaging 9 letters published every year.

When the last two letters didn't appear, I decided to find a different outlet for my need to pontificate.

However an opportunity came up to slam a couple of Dummycrats, in my district, running for the Statehouse. See Wednesdays posting, 'Legitimate Issue(s)'.

To the Ragister....

I reside in Senate District 37. I do not know Julian Garrett or Staci Appel and, unlike a previous writer, I have made no contributions to their campaigns. I believe the issues of conflict and hindrance that Mr. Garrett raised are legitimate. Ms. Appel has invaded my home with her campaign mailings, telephone calls, newspaper ads and television commercials in which she has talked of her four children. Not once did she mention a husband, leading my wife to believe she was a single mother raising her four kids alone. It was when Governor Vilsack named Brent Appel to the Iowa Supreme Court that I find out she was married. It feels deceitful and for obvious reasons. At that point I did some further checking on Ms. Appel and found she has given $3,000 to Hillary Clinton's two Senate campaigns. I also see she has raised over $100,000 for a state senate seat that currently pays a little over $21,000. I contacted Ms. Appel on 10/14 with my concerns and have yet to receive a response. These are not the values I seek in my elected representatives.

To the Indianola Weird Herald (also owned by the Ragister)...

I reside in Senate District 37 and House District 74. I do not know Julian Garrett or Staci Appel, nor do I know Doug Schull or Mark Davitt. I have made no contributions to their campaigns.

Ms. Appel has invaded my home with her campaign mailings, telephone calls, newspaper ads and television commercials in which she has talked of her four children. Not once did she mention a husband, leading my wife to believe she was a single mother raising her four kids alone. It was when Governor Vilsack named Brent Appel to the Iowa Supreme Court that I find out she was married. It feels deceitful and for obvious reasons. At that point I did some further checking on Ms. Appel and found she has given $3,000 to Hillary Clinton's two Senate campaigns. I also see she has raised over $100,000 for a state senate seat that currently pays a little over $21,000. I contacted Ms. Appel on 10/14 with my concerns and have yet to receive a response.

As for my one contact with Mr. Davitt, I urged him to support legislation to require school districts to increase the spending that makes its way to the classroom from the current 59.5%, where Iowa ranks 38th, to 65% . This would force districts to adopt better business practices and free up $200 million to increase teacher salaries or reduce classroom size. His response, "Tell me which programs and departments you may be looking toward for the savings". He was too focused on his agenda to truly absorb what I was saying.

These are not the values I seek in my elected representatives.

Davitt is the husband of the Weird Herald's publisher Amy Duncan.

We'll see if they get published.

If so, how much they'll be edited. In the past they've really been gutted and at times have changed what I've actually written(can you say unethical?).

Hardly my best writing, but it'll irritate the Dummycrats in Warren County and my work here will be done....for now!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dummycrat Katfight

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of White House hopeful John Edwards, says her choices in life have made her happier than Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton a possible Edwards' rival for the Democratic nomination.

Speaking yesterday at a luncheon sponsored by the "Ladies Home Journal", Edwards said.....

"She and I are from the same generation. We both went to law school and married other lawyers, but after that we made other choices. I think my choices have made me happier. I think I'm more joyful than she is."


Let's get Serious World


The St. Louis Cardinals advanced to The World Series against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday.

These two teams last met in the fall classic in 1968 with the Tigers taking that Series.

In a surprise to the experts, the Cards bested the team with the best record in the National League, the New York Mets, 3-1 last night in the 7th game of the League Championship Series.

I honestly thought the Cards would have trouble winning after Scott Rolen was robbed of a two run homer by a spectacular over the fence catch from Mets left fielder Endy Chavez, who then fired the ball in to double up Jim Edmonds at first base and end the sixth inning.

The game was tied at 1 and it seemed the momentum had surged to the Mets.

Yadier Molina, an excellent defensive catcher but a weak hitter, won the game with a two run homer in the top of the ninth.

The Mets loaded the bases in the bottom of that inning, but Carlos Beltran ended the game with a bat on his shoulders strike out.

I'm hoping for a better outcome for St. Louis this time, the Cards were the first team I liked in baseball.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sing, Sing, Sing

The Mrs. made the Ragister today.

Chris, right, is pictured with her friend Susan (the Insurance Commissioner of Iowa) and co-worker Dan as they performed the song "Triplets".

The trio were a part of the fundraiser "Take It From The Top" for the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

All the beauty, class, brains and talent in our relationship lies with my better half.

Hot stuff!

I'm drooling so much I need the bib.

It's only for Governor, just make it up ya BIG LUG

The Quad-City Times caught Chester Culver, the man with Iowa Common Sense, making stuff up in his last debate with Jim Nussle.

In Monday night's debate, not televised in Central Iowa, Chester said that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks Iowa the fifth-best business climate in the country.

David Felipe, a spokesman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said he doesn’t know what Culver is talking about. He said his organization doesn’t compile business-climate rankings.

“We didn’t do the study,” he said.

Taylor West, a spokeswoman for Culver, said he misspoke during the debate. She said Culver was referring to Iowa’s fourth-ranked legal liability climate, which she said is a significant piece of the business climate.

“The overall point here is that Iowa actually has a strong business climate, and that under Chet Culver, it’s going to get better....

It turns out that the U.S. Chamber’s magazine did an article this year about the business climate rankings done by another group, the Tax Foundation.

The Tax Foundation’s most recent report on business-tax climate, released last week, ranks Iowa 43rd best in the country.

43rd out of 50!

Chester's a former teacher, but couldn't do the math!!

Two things Chester, never let 'em see you sweat and lying isn't an Iowa Value.

Krusty Conservative has more.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not with MY tax dollars!

Stuck on Stupid the World Tour
is stopping in the People's Republic of Johnson County(Iowa City).

The Women's Resource & Action Center (WRAC) will sponsor a lecture by noted anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24 in Macbride Auditorium on the University of Iowa campus. There is no admission charge for the lecture; however, tickets are required. Tickets for the general public, as well as UI students, staff and faculty, are available at the University Box Office in the Iowa Memorial Union on a first-come, first-served basis.

I sent an e-mail to WRAC to question if tax dollars are going for this, the way I read it--they do.

Since Cindy says she withholds tax money for the Pentagon, I guess my tax dollars to the U of I will need to be withheld too!

Chris graduated from the U of I and loves Iowa City, I detest the place.

One of my favorite lines in "Field Of Dreams" is when Kinsella's daughter, Karin, says people will go to Iowa City and get really, really bored!

Legitimate Issue(s)

The Ragister has a story today about the new power couple in Iowa, the Appels.

Brent and Staci, pictured (small like all Dummycrats), are coming across as Clinton wannabes.

As I mentioned Friday (Iowa Values, Iowa Common Sense?), Brent has been appointed by the Pickle to the Iowa Supreme Court. His wife is running for the Iowa Senate.

Ms. Appel's opponent, Julian Garrett, is raising concerns over possible conflicts their relationship/careers could cause. He also believes that the district's representation would suffer.

The Senate Dummycrat leader, Mike Gronstal, tried to pooh-pooh it and make Garrett out to be sexist.

Today there was also a letter to the editor written with glowing remarks about Ms. Appel, the letter was signed by a financial contributor to her campaign.

I live in the Senate District, Iowa 37.

I do not personally know either candidate.

I have not contributed to Mr. Garrett's campaign, although I have already voted for him.

I sent Ms. Appel an e-mail last Saturday regarding this issue....

Why did I have to find out in today's paper about your husband? None of the literature you sent me, your newspaper ads, your TV commercial or your calls to my home have mentioned him. My wife thought you were a single mother raising four children by herself.

I ran for Iowa House, twice getting my clocked cleaned, when you introduce yourself as a candidate you include biographical information such as a spouse and children. She's let me know numerous times about her kids, never her husband. It comes across as something their trying to hide. Also, since he's a failed candidate it feels like he's playing puppetmaster.

I also asked her about her $3,000 in contributions to Hillary Rodham Clinton's two Senate runs.

I have yet to receive a response.

I'll give it 'til Saturday, one week, then I'm going on the attack with letters to the Ragister and the paper they own in District 37--the Indianola Old Weird Herald.

Another concern is the over $100,000 she has raised for her senate campaign.

It's a part time job! The seat only pays a little over $21,000.

Talk about overkill!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good quote made a bit better

This is a great quote from the folks that run murthamustgo.blogspot.com

Murtha "supports" our troops like an arsonist "supports" firefighters.

I would actually expand it to be....

Dummycrats support our troops like an arsonist supports firefighters!

Tell me all your thoughts on God

PTL in this case stands for Praise The Loot.

CommieTommie Harkin made news for comments at the Iowa Dummycrats Jefferson-Jackson dinner Saturday.

From The Washington Times Inside the Beltway column....

Harkin on God

It's not unusual for elected officials to invoke the name of God when asking for His blessings on the country. What's unusual is for an elected official — in this case Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin — to proclaim that God favors Democrats over Republicans.
"Had a Republican made the same statement, it would be the cause of a media frenzy," writes Inside the Beltway reader G.L. Gunderman of Florence, Ala. "Is there no limit to their offensive behavior?"
The occasion was Saturday's Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, the guest of honor being former President Bill Clinton. Also on hand was Des Moines Register columnist Marc Hansen, who was intrigued by the woman selling George W. Bush "Out of Office Countdown" calendars for $13 apiece: "It wouldn't be long now, the woman said, 2008 is just around the corner. Tick tock."
But the evening's most unusual line, Mr. Hansen writes, was uttered by Mr. Harkin: "The Democrats are 'fed up and charged up,' was the way Tom Harkin put it when the dinner plates had been cleared away and it was his time to speak. 'Democrats are up and Republicans are down, and that's the way God meant it to be.' "

The Ragister was there in full force, I shouldn't have to read about this embarassment in a D.C. paper.

What is up with Harkin's muppet fetish?

You can never see his hands. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't an e-mail & IM scandal there.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Minuteman Project

According to the director of the Iowa Center for Immigrant Leadership and Integration at the University of Northern Iowa, has estimated that 50,000 to 75,000 Latinos in Iowa are here illegally.

Guestimates would be more accurate if they doubled or tripled those figures.

Keeping that in mind there was a rally at the Iowa Statehouse against illegal immigration this past weekend, the Ragister reported 50 people attended.

In his remarks to the gathering Representative Steve King (R-IA) said the concept of a fence across the U.S.-Mexican border recently won approval from Congress because of grass-roots support from Americans who are unhappy about illegal immigration.

In a bit of a surprise there were no counter-protesters.

I say that because of the October 4th assault on the Minutemen at Columbia University. The groups founder (Jim Gilchrist) was invited to speak, but before he could do so the stage was stormed and a melee ensued.

Last Thursday the Ragister ran an opinion piece from David Goodner of the People's Republic of Johnson County (Iowa City) regarding the Columbia incident.

In the opinion of Goodner....I'm not sure which side of the free-speech issue to support. Everyone has a right to express his or her opinion, but racist scapegoating should not be up for academic discussion. Hate groups like the Minutemen do not present legitimate, reasonable debate.

This was after he noted....students jumped on stage during Gilchrist's speech and unfolded a banner that said, "No one is illegal." Hundreds of students chanted, "Minutemen, Nazis, KKK, racists, fascists, go away!" Unfortunately, the encounter soon turned violent.

Don't you just love Fiberals and their do as I say not as I do reality.

The only Free Speech they believe in is their own!

My friend Cal recently sent me this analogy regarding illegal immigration...

This summer large demonstrations were held across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely.

Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.

Let's say, I break into your house. Let's say, that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors; I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house).

According to the protesters, not only must you let me stay, you must add me to your family's insurance plan, educate my kids, and provide other benefits to me and to my family (my husband will do your yard work because he too is hard-working and honest, except for that breaking in part). If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my right to be there.

It's only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I'm just trying to better myself. I'm hard working and honest, um, except for, well, you know.

And what a deal it is for me!! I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of selfishness, prejudice, and being an anti-housebreaker. Oh yeah, and I want you to learn my language so you can communicate with me.

Why can't people see how ridiculous this is?!

Only in America!

More Media Morons

This DWEEB is a meteorologist for WHO TV/13.

He mostly works weekend nights, Saturday 6 & 10 and Sunday 5 & 10.

Weather is usually allotted a segment halfway through the half hour newscast, approximately fifteen after the hour.

During his weather segment last night, which according to the clock they show was 5:16 p.m., he tried to interject some personality by mentioning the World Food Festival ending at 5 p.m. tonight and that it would be a nice night to go there and sample the food.


First, I've addressed this before, p.m. and tonight are redundent.

Second, did you not just hear what you said? It ended at 5 p.m.!

I blame too much hairspray!

WHO TV/13 was a sponsor of the World Food Festival and I found this information on their web-site....

The Wells Fargo World Food Festival will bring together individuals from a variety of backgrounds to enjoy a wide array of international cuisine. The event will feature:

Where: Downtown Des Moines - East Village

When: Friday, Oct. 13, 2006 11 a.m - 10 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission: Free

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fox Sports P.C.

Fox baseball broadcaster Steve Lyons (pictured in suit & tie) was fired after working the Detroit Tigers - Oakland A's game Friday.

"Steve Lyons has been relieved of his Fox Sports duties for making comments on air that the company found inappropriate," network spokesman Dan Bell said.

The comments?

In the second inning his colleague Lou Piniella talked about the success light-hitting A's infielder Marco Scutaro had in the first round of the playoffs. Piniella said that slugger Frank Thomas and Eric Chavez needed to contribute, comparing Scutaro's production to finding a "wallet on Friday" and hoping it happened again the next week.

Later, Piniella said the A's needed Thomas to get "en fuego" - hot in Spanish - because he was currently "frio" - or cold. Fox play by play announcer Thom Brennaman praised Piniella for being bilingual. Lyons said that Piniella was "hablaing Espanol" and added, "I still can't find my wallet."

"I don't understand him, and I don't want to sit too close to him now," Lyons continued.

I watched the game and Piniella chuckled after both of Lyons comments.

Theses comments are now being portrayed as racially insensitive to Hispanics.

The only one who should be offended is Piniella and as I said he chuckled. As you can see, left, Piniella is a big boy and can take care of himself.

As for Fox, Lyons nickname when he played the game was "Psycho", this would come as a surprise?