Monday, September 30, 2013

Suffragette City

In 2009, when Staci Appel-sauce for brains was my State Senator, I contacted her about the Dummycrats desire to end Federal Deductibility (Very Taxing).

One of the downsides of that contact was that Staci took that to mean she could add me to her e-mail list and send me her propaganda...err newsletter.

Four years later, Staci has purloined that list from the State of Iowa and is using it to send me fundraising e-mails about her CONgressional campaign against Tom Latham.

I've received 26 such unsolicited fundraising e-mails since July, some from Staci, some from Loretta Sackey, Ben Miller, Nathan Arentsen, Louis Frankel, Paul Begala, Steve Israel and Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi wishes "she could have more leaders like Staci in Congress", by that she must mean mindless drones and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The House Minority Leader showed her leadership by being absent for Saturday's House vote on the Continuing Resolution.

Pelosi also urged me to "chip in $3" before today's "critical fundraising deadline".

Pelosi must not have a lot of faith, Staci's e-mails ask for $5.

Congressional candidates face deadline, seek cash

One of the e-mails from Staci stated, "Not sure if you knew this -- but, in 167 years, Iowa has failed to send a woman to Congress to represent them".

Iowa has been a state for nearly 167 years, but the first woman in Congress was a Republican elected 97 years ago.

For most Women, they've only had the right to vote for 93 years.

Current fundraising reports show Appel with $0.

I've given and will continue to give $0, because Staci Appel remains a zero to me.

Party Poison

After my weekend reading, I decided that a Will Roger's quote needed to be updated.

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Iowa Republican.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Those Distant Bells

Unable to weather the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change latest report on the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change, a meteorologist broke down in tears while on phone with my wife at a boarding area in the San Francisco Airport.

He said, I've never cried because of a science report before.

He has vowed to stop flying and is considering a vasectomy so he can't have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint.

Having his tubes tied would be more accurate, maybe a HISterectomy and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Secretary of State John Kerry weighed in on the IPCC findings(?) -- If this isn't an alarm bell, then I don't know what one is.

Lurch should know.

You rang?

FYI -- First picture is Espera Oscar de Corti as Iron Cody Eyes, The Crying Indian.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has updated its findings(?) stating -- scientists are 95% certain that humans are the "dominant cause" of global warming.

How do they arrive at that 95% figure regarding the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change?

The 95% is basically expert judgment, it is a negotiated figure among the authors.

I'm 1,000% sure that is bullshit and the scientific community is united in that fact.

This appears to be the procedure the IPCC uses for reaching all of its conclusions.

At a closed-door meeting in Stockholm this week, each paragraph of a document written by scientists is being projected onto large screens. Delegations from scores of nations participate in the editing: Words will be substituted, emphasis will be added, entire sentences may well be inserted or deleted. 

After four days of haggling, the media will be summoned by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to a news conference on Friday where the final version of the document—known as the "Summary for Policymakers"—will be released along with a solemn announcement that "science" has spoken.

Or has it?

There have been repeated complaints about unqualified individual members and that there are "far too many politically correct appointments" involving people with "insufficient scientific competence to do anything useful."

The U.N. has charged the IPCC with weighing the evidence on climate change in an objective manner. The problem is that numerous IPCC personnel have ties to environmental groups, many of which raise funds by hyping the alleged dangers of climate change. This relationship raises a legitimate question about their objectivity.

Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC's chairman since 2002, has repeatedly said that the IPCC bases its conclusions solely on peer-reviewed source material. Yet many of the sources cited by the 3,000-page 2007 IPCC report were press releases, news clippings, discussion papers and unpublished master's and doctoral-degree theses.

This all leaves me with a big chill.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dazed And Confused

It's a good thing CommieTommie Harkin is leaving the U.S. Senate, because after 28 years he has no idea how the institution works.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Harkin dismissive of Sen. Cruz’s ‘little tirade’ 

“He spends all this time talking against it … he used that time to excoriate ObamaCare … why we ought to de-fund it … and then turns around and voted for it” 

He didn't vote for it and Harkin knows that, Cruz voted to open debate, not for the bill, as that vote has yet to happen.

I'm not surprised that Harkin is confused by the Filibuster, as he was for it (Tommie Two Faced) before he was against it (Talk That Talk).

Harkin said it’s unlikely he would be willing to speak for 21 hours – even for the publicity.

Harkin could only muster 67 minutes, when speaking against the Filibuster earlier this year.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cut Me Some Slack

Dummycrat CONgresswoman Jackie Speier made news with her rant on the House floor against Representative Steve King because King received food and lodging worth $3,588 during a six-day trip to Russia — enough, she said, to feed a food-stamp recipient for a year.

Someone doesn't understand the meaning of the word lodging.

Speier and fellow fiberals are upset over the passage of a bill that "cut" food stamp funding by $40 billion over 10 years.

The $40 billion dollar food stamps "cut" is actually  is $39 billion and comes from subtracting the Republicans expenditure of $725 billion versus the Democrats desire to spend $764 billion.

What the press and progressives fail to include, is that the approved food stamp spending bill is an increase of 57%.

An increase of 57% is not a cut and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Here's other "cuts" coming from those mean old Republicans --


Someone in the P.R. department at Wells Fargo may be the latest to be let go.

On the same day of this announcement

Wells Fargo lays off 263 more employees in Des Moines metro area

Comes word

Wells Fargo, presenting sponsor of The Principal Charity Classic for the past seven years, announced an extension of its sponsorship through 2015. "Wells Fargo is incredibly proud to be a part of The Principal Charity Classic, which does so much good for so many kids. Extending our sponsorship for another two years helps to ensure that this tournament's proud tradition will continue," said Dan Abbott, president of Retail Services, Wells Fargo.

Say Dan, keeping their parents employed "does so much good for so many kids too" and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Since July 18, Wells Fargo has notified 5,586 workers across the U.S., including 408 in the Des Moines area, that their positions will be eliminated.

Wherein Lies Continue

The reply received from the Ragister's Jennifer Jacobs, to yesterday's issues (Second Hand News),  was wanting.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

"Appreciate you pointing that out".

That was the response to the issue of the newsworthiness of Mowrer's endorsement from an organization he served as Senior Advisor, and the lack of disclosure about those ties.

It's my fault for thinking that a clarification would be added to the story, but then again it's a battle that continues with the Capitol Square Crapper.

Live video: Cruz contiunes speech on ‘Obamacare’, misses Branstad fundraiser appearance

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Second Hand News

According to the Capitol Square Crapper, the Dummycrat opponent (Jim Mowrer) of Congressman Steve King was endorsed by PAC.

I'm not sure why an endorsement by an organization Mowrer served as Senior Advisor rates as news.

More importantly, that information should have been disclosed in the Ragister's article.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

I've contacted the stories author, Jennifer Jacobs, and await her response to those very issues.

Also worth noting, is the reference to the group as nonpartisan.

Politico has labeled it a liberal group in at least two different articles.

Liberal groups get makeover

Liberal groups break with Obama on Syria

The second article noted --  VoteVets has often won praise from party strategists for its supportive role backing Democrats in congressional elections.

They have been referred to as a coalition of union and environmental groups masquerading as a military veterans organization.

Also, a front-group, which is really nothing more than the public face for the George Soros funded


On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi was discussing the debt ceiling and stated --

The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that.

I'd call her Old Mother Hubbard, but that would be an insult to a beloved nursery rhyme and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The Wicked Witch of the West continued --

We cannot have cuts just for the sake of cuts

As noted by The Washington Free Beacon -- The last three GAO reports have identified over $200 billion of overlap and redundancy in federal expenditures.

Monday, September 23, 2013

An Architect's Dream

First lady Michelle Obama on Friday said that the president "deep down" would rather have been an architect.

There are a few Million Americans that wish he would have gotten that wish and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Though if you think about it, Obama did get his wish.

Tried By Twelve

The Iowa “Draw the line” Keystone XL pipeline protest, organized by State Senator Rob "Boss" Hogg, received coverage from the Capitol Square Crapper even though it drew only about a dozen protesters.

That's a pathetic turnout for these self professed progressives worried about the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change.

Even more pathetic is the Ragister's decision to give it publicity and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Searches of the online Cedar Rapids Gazette, Boss Hogg's hometown paper, and Quad City Times showed no coverage of the actual event, even though there were activities in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Davenport.

The Quad City Times printed a Letter to the Editor from Boss Hogg, where he blamed the civil war in Syria on climate-related disasters.

Back to the Ragister

Protesters in Des Moines, across U.S. rail at Keystone pipeline plan

Their headline is apropos, as even without the pipeline, the number of train cars carrying Canadian oil is up 20%.

That means -- The oil is coming, the only question is how much new investment there will be in U.S. energy infrastructure.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Draw The Line?

Five rallies, all with different starting times(?), will be held around the state today, against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Or as the online Ragister referred to it, the propoosed  Keystone XL pipeline.

These “Draw the line” activities are being stirred up by the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change crowd and that means State Senator Rob "Boss" Hogg, who said --

“Most Iowans know that the Keystone pipeline would make climate change worse and would threaten our natural resources”

If most Iowans did, you wouldn't be demonstrating and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Draw the line?

Is that another blurry red line?

What difference at this point does it make?

We've only got 1.75 billion years and perhaps as much as 3.5 billion years left, based on the rate of rising temperatures of the Sun.

Back to Boss Hogg --

Opposition to the pipeline is growing even more, however, as Iowans realize that TransCanada wants to condemn American farms and ranches to build the pipeline to Port Arthur, Texas, to export tar sands on the global market.

But Boss, to satisfy environmental concerns, Keystone XL builder TransCanada, rerouted the pipeline around environmentally-sensitive parts of Nebraska and Construction of the final section of the pipeline “will disturb less land than the pipeline that has already been built.”

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dinner At Eight?

New York Dummycrat Senator Chuck Schumer will be the keynote speaker at the Iowa Dummycrat Party Jefferson-Jackson (JJ) dinner.

What's for Dinner, Chuckles?

On a more topographical matter, the Liter has figured out the cause of Schumer's receding hairline and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Schumer's hairline has receded so far, we can see what he thinks...and it isn't good for the Country.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


My wife, and others like CNN’s Carol Costello, wonder how a gunman could create havoc at a U.S. military facility.

Surprisingly, the Associated Press and Reuters report how that happens.

Per the AP --

Some of the shock and sudden sense of vulnerability caused by Fort Hood and the Navy Yard attack may have stemmed from the mistaken belief that military personnel are armed when they are on domestic installations.

Most personnel are, in fact, barred from carrying weapons onto a base, and Hasan and Alexis probably knew it.

Reuters relates --

Military personnel are generally banned from carrying weapons on bases in the United States but most people with proper credentials are not routinely checked for firearms.

Sadly, the press doesn't report the whole story and the scientific community is united in that fact. --

Among President Clinton’s first acts upon taking office in 1993 was to disarm U.S. soldiers on military bases. In March 1993, the Army imposed regulations forbidding military personnel from carrying their personal firearms and making it almost impossible for commanders to issue firearms to soldiers in the U.S. for personal protection. For the most part, only military police regularly carry firearms on base, and their presence is stretched thin by high demand for MPs in war zones.

It's The Same Old Song

Taking another page out of the CommieTommie Harkin playbook, CONgressman Bruce Braley is trying to score points and scare seniors by saying -- a shutdown of the federal government would mean people would not be getting their Social Security benefits , it would mean they might not have access to VA care and a host of other federal programs

Exactly why I call him MiniCommie, and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Having been down the Social Security road before with Harkin, here are the facts --

Social Security checks would still go out. Troops would remain at their posts.

And virtually every essential government agency, like the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard, would remain open.

The air traffic control system, food inspection, Medicare, veterans' health care and many other essential government programs would run as usual. The Social Security Administration would not only send out benefits but would continue to take applications. The Postal Service, which is self-funded, would keep delivering the mail. Federal courts would remain open.

Back to Braley --

A reporter pointed out that there hasn’t been a delay in people getting Social Security checks in the past under a shutdown.


Color me stunned.

Braley says it’s a matter of semantics as it would impact the people who are newly enrolled in Social Security. “If one American citizen is denied a benefit they are eligible for, that’s something that should concern congress


Sounds like a politician/lawyer.

It's also similar to -- It depends on what the meaning of the word IS is.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snap Out Of It

It's a bit disingenuous of a CEO who makes about $3 million per year to eat on only $4.50 per day for a week.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

To the Ragister's editorial board, who usually has disdain for CEO's, he's some sort of hero.

The Register's Editorial: People on food stamps don't eat like a king

Ron Shaich, CEO of Panera Bread, is taking the “SNAP Challenge” by trying to eat on only $4.50 per day, the average benefit amount for food stamps recipients.

SNAP used to be known as food stamps.

SNAP is not intended to be the only source of income for food, that's why the first word in the acronym is SUPPLEMENTAL.

According to the USDA, about 75 percent of SNAP participants use their own money, in addition to SNAP benefits, to buy food. That is because the program is designed so that the assumed family contribution to the food budget (which is set at 30 percent of net income after deductions) plus the actual monthly benefit will always equal the maximum benefit.

USDA also publishes an extensive list of recipes that can be used to produce a healthy low-cost meal. A search for dishes costing $4.50 or less turned up 444 options, many of which were for eight or more servings. Dishes costing less than $1.50 produced 116 results.

It would have been nice to have that info in 1980, during the stagflation ridden economy of Jimmy Carter, when I was just beginning in radio and living on $600 a month with the help of popcorn and Kool-Aid.

Chew on that Capitol Square Crapper.


From the online Ragister

Environmental commission hears agrument for new clean water rules

I think they spelled it wrong, and the scientific community is united in that fact, but who am I to argue with the Capitol Square Crapper?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Friends Of Mine

State Senator Jack ASS...err, Hatch has made his run for Governor official.

Standing in a field of animal (excrement) he was surrounded(?) by supporters Michael KiernanAko Abdul-Samad, Bruce Hunter and Marti Anderson.

They're all Jackasses and in more ways than one and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Hatch promises to raise the minimum wage and protect the environment if elected.

Don't expect any other ideas from the candidate, as he has had one or two original thoughts. All the ideas that I’ve come up with, really have come from other people.

Hatch is off now to spend four days traveling to 20 Iowa towns.

It takes that long because, as Hatch has discovered, Iowa “is a pretty big state.”

Hatch reached this conclusion after he spent 7-1/2 hours one Saturday in the car to deliver two speeches of seven minutes each.

That can't be good for the environment.

As for the minimum wage, Hatch believes it's $7.52, but it is actually $7.25.


From the Sioux City Journal comes this story

Bob Kerry sells Omaha home purchased in 2012
Bob Kerry sells Omaha home purchased in 2012

A story so nice they headlined it twice, but with an incorrect spelling of the last name


Former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey has sold the Omaha house he purchased during his unsuccessful 2012 campaign to return to the Senate.

Kerrey bought the house in the Memorial Park neighborhood for about $220,000.

Kerrey, a Democrat, lost the Senate race to Republican Deb Fischer, and his family soon moved back to New York City

The house recently sold recently for $395,000.

$175,000 profit in one year, nice flip and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Kerrey had to fight persistent criticism during last year's campaign about returning to Nebraska with some Republicans labeling him a liberal carpetbagger and an opportunist.

I wonder why?

The good news is that there are no Kerrey's or Kerry's in the United States Senate.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Frizzle Fry

Joe Biden will be at another Steak Fry, today, for CommieTommie Harkin.

Now THAT'S a "Neanderthal crowd".

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

The King of SNARK has a beef with how they cook their cuts, so once again we'll be grilling our steaks at the Not So Vast Right Wing Ranch.

It's kind of racist how Biden, the whitest of white guys, bumped San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro out of the spotlight because he is trying to put a damper on all the Hillary Clinton for President press.

I'm sure Biden will just bellow that he's here to see his best bud Tom Harkins.

Talk A Good Game?

After watching three college football games yesterday, there's a new idiom for ANALysts that needs to be tackled for a loss.

"Playing behind the chains", or "playing behind the sticks", makes as much sense as "running downhill" and the scientific community is united in that fact.

You are always playing behind the chains, until you get a first down and then they move the sticks, which means once again you are playing behind the chains.

Also, on a level playing field, there is no downhill.

These phrases are not limited to just college football, NFL ANALysts use them too.

In space, at the end of the day, it is what it is...STUPID!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bug A Boo

This just in out of Washington D.C.

Bugged: Obama's Roach Problem

That's not new.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Wait, there's more --

As in cockroaches. But vermin is nothing new in a building that is 213 years old--and roaches aren't the worst of it.

It can't by a mere coincidence that in a story about vermin in the White House, Obama and Jimmy Carter are the only President's mentioned.

Time For Action?

Speaking in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union at Iowa State University, State Senator Rob "Boss" Hogg promoted his book on the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change.

State senator calls for climate control action

"Boss" Hogg droned on for an hour, contributing to the higher levels of carbon dioxide by expelling copious amounts of CO2 and the scientific community is united in that fact.

It's a good thing for "Boss" Hogg that there isn’t the slightest evidence that more carbon dioxide has caused more extreme weather.

As for extreme weather, caused by global warming, it is not supported by science.

“General statements about extremes are almost nowhere to be found in the literature but seem to abound in the popular media,” climate scientist Gavin Smith of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies said last month. “It’s this popular perception that global warming means all extremes have to increase all the time, even though if anyone thinks about that for 10 seconds they realize that’s nonsense.”

It turns out that the overall effect of climate change will be positive for humankind and the planet.

Like Tornadoes in Iowa, with this year seeing the fewest such storms since comprehensive tracking began 33 years ago. The National Weather Service said that's one less than the previous low of 16 set in 2012.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


First, the City of Des Moines, under Mayor Frank Clownie...err Cownie, collected an illegal tax in 2004.

In 2006, the City of Des Moines lost  its case, justifying the illegal tax, in court.

Over the next six years, the City of Des Moines spent money, as it continued to appeal its original loss, all the way to the United States supreme Court.

Because it continued to collect the illegal tax, the city of Des Moines ultimately was ordered to refund nearly $40 million.

Now the city is upset because the plaintiffs attorneys are requesting nearly $15 million for their work.

Des Moines City Manager Rick Clark says -- I am stunned at the amount of it.

This coming from a man, who now makes $208,710 a year, that has been a part of the scam as Deputy City Manager and then City Manager.

If you want to find fault with someone, look in the mirror and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Death For My Birthday

The twit pictured, and the scientific community is united in that fact, err the Twitter picture is of Shawn Plank who the Capitol Square Crapper gave space to for a self centered Iowa View on 9/11.

Iowa View: '9/11' could use a new, better name

Shawn Plank, a former report-err and newspap-err columnist, selfishly doesn't like it because it's his birthday.

It may be refereed to as 9/11, because, for many, it is a day when "everything changed".

However, I'd say blame your peers, as the media has the most control of it in how they've reported it.

My calendar lists 9/11 as Patriot Day.

I reflect on those unselfish people of the day, especially those of United Airlines Flight 93, that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, they gave their lives for others

The Ragister got snookered, because the piece was authored in 2012.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello Cold World

State Senator Rob "Boss" Hogg will transport himself, via non environmentally friendly means and the scientific community is united in that fact, from Cedar Rapids to Ames today to talk about the Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change.

The Capitol Square Crapper claims it's a part of a statewide tour of colleges and universities that includes presentations at the University of Iowa, Grinnell College, St. Ambrose University, Upper Iowa University, Maharishi University of Management, and Luther College.

The Ragister also reports "Boss" Hogg expects to schedule additional appearances at Iowa colleges and universities this fall.

Wonder how much time he'll spend on the coming global cooling?

A cooling that will not end until the middle of this century.

Couldn't "Boss" Hogg just use the Iowa Communications Network?

Or Skype?

That's what all the cool kids are using.

Never mind.

Ain't No Son?

I'm not convinced that wind is a source of power for the modern world, but if you are that's fine -- just don't waste my tax dollars to subsidize it and the scientific community is united in that fact.

That being written, this story in the Omaha World-Herald caught my attention.

Wind plant needs buyers of electricity to get aloft

Graham Christensen is the president of Burt County Wind and is trying to re-convince Nebraska utilities that they need to look past the slightly higher cost of the energy and purchase their electricity.

Frank Christensen is an Nebraska Public Power District board member, and is Graham Christensen's father, Frank asked for an economic benefits analysis. Graham Christensen said that while his father shares his belief that local investors and farmers ought to reap the benefits of wind energy, he has no personal stake in Burt County Wind.

It's father and son, can't get much more personal than that.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


The Capitol Square Crapper continues with its quest to make us feel guilty for convicts.

Today the Ragister ran an Iowa View by an Iowan, stunning and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The mother of Mandy Martinson wants your heart to bleed for her daughter who was convicted by a jury of her peers for -- conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine and conspiracy to distribute marijuana;  possession with intent to distribute 5 grams or more of a mixture containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine; and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

She also had those convictions affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals,Eighth Circuit.

Her mother claims her daughter was leading a full, productive life before her drug problems escalated, taking everything from her in a matter of months.


From where I sit, those who lead full, productive lives don't do drugs, let alone have drug problems escalate.

Mama blames all of her daughter's problems on boyfriends and states -- While her charges were pending, she realized she needed help. She obtained drug treatment and sobered up, resumed her career as a dental hygienist, and reconciled with our family.

If I may quote Mama, too little and too late.

Mama also said -- Mandy has maintained her sobriety throughout the eight years she has spent in prison. She knows that she broke the law and deserved to be punished.

Celebrating sobriety because of prison, isn't that something.

It doesn't sound like Mandy fully feels she deserved to be punished as she filed motions for judgment of acquittal on the Government's alleged failure to establish sufficient evidence to sustain a conviction
and believed that the district court should have granted her a new trial on the basis of insufficient evidence to sustain her convictions despite her failure to move for a new trial before the district court.

It appears that Mandy Martinson is lucky to be serving only 15 years, as she could have had 25.

The district court sentenced Martinson to a 120-month mandatory-minimum sentence for her conspiracy conviction, a concurrent 120-month sentence for her possession-with-intent-to-distribute conviction, and a consecutive 60-month mandatory-minimum sentence for her firearm conviction. Martinson's resulting 180-month sentence was the statutory minimum available to the district court.

I will agree that it's too bad that Martinson is doing three years more than the dealer, who was able to cut a deal.