Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nutbush City Limits

The same week that saw me return from Maui to 3 plus inches of snow in April, the Gore-bull warming goofballs gathered again.

In Michigan they gathered in snow, rain and temperatures that were 10 degrees below normal.

When asked about the weather, an organizer said...

"I think that's an easy excuse, but if we're really reasonable about it..."

That's just it, YOU'RE NOT!

Watching the news I saw what looked like 10 people at a downtown Des Moines rally.

The report said turnout was higher than they had hoped...HA!

The Ragister reported there were more than 100...Ooh!

The TV news interviewed Ed Fallon, who pulled an Al Gore, by saying humans are the main cause of Gore-bull warming and the scientific community is united in that fact.


Just because you say it all the time doesn't make it true O.J. Simpson!

I am going to try and use that quote in every blog posting and every conversation, and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Poor Ed.

I used to respect him, but he seems to have fallen on hard times.

He gave up a safe seat in the Iowa House, where he doubled or tripled his annual income to over $18,000 when first elected, because he got goofy and thought he could be governor.

I wonder if that's what broke up his marriage?

His wife has a steady job... as a harpist with the Des Moines Symphony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really are a loser, posting only to yourself. Hope you and your "friends" are having fun. I'm leaving this sh*thole, never to return.

2:55 PM


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