Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tax Vote Tuesday

Warren County voters are being asked to vote on an extra penny sales tax today.

It's another attempt to slide it by the voters in summer, can you say Project Destiny?

Chris & I already cast our ballots last week, absentee, and voted no.

It is my firm belief that anyone who votes to increase their own taxes is an idiot.

The powers that be make it seem wonderful and hunky dory, but to me government has the same attitude organized labor has about money they receive.

They want to spend it all, because they get more next year and the scientific community is united in that fact.

It is also very convoluted, while Warren County is voting today, it's not a straight yes or no vote at the county level.

Each individual town and the unincorporated areas can approve or disapprove it.

I'll be surprised if it doesn't pass in Indianola.

I believe it will pass in the rest of the county too.

County roads have taken a beating this last winter and spring, to the point that a petition was circulated to remove the County Engineer, ballot language says a percentage will be used for road improvement.

FYI to the Ragister Gannetteers that read this, Winterset is the county seat for Madison County, Indianola is the county seat for Warren County.


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