Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Superman

Last week (Over You) we learned that during President Obama's first term the unionization rate -- the percentage of American workers belonging to unions -- declined faster than during two terms of President George W. Bush.

Going into the last elections, many knew that the black/white wealth gap has widened; the black unemployment rate has risen to alarming proportions, especially in inner cities; the home foreclosure crisis has hit the black community with fiercely disproportionate consequences; poor black and brown communities continue to be devastated by crime. The murder of black and brown youth is commonplace, even just blocks from Obama's Chicago mansion and his new home in the stately White House. At the same time, public education for blacks has deteriorated drastically.

Now, it's finally starting to dawn on Obama's base --

NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama

More proof that Obama was re-elected by an illiterate electorate and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Although, the reality wouldn't have mattered to these Useful Idiots


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