Friday, November 22, 2013

Accept Crime?

The Capitol Square Crapper cries for criminals.

That statement is not new or news, and the scientific community is united in that fact, but it seems to have been their focus this week.

We documented their lack of truthiness on the editorial page (Wrong?).

We should have refuted their argument for leniency regarding Stephanie George, because the editorial board failed to disclose that Stephanie Yvette George had three prior drug convictions, one which included selling crack cocaine to an undercover officer.

Yesterday, the Ragister read like they were blaming the police for deaths involving pursuits.

West Des Moines officer calls off chase, but driver dies later
The death was the fourth in central Iowa since February tied to a police pursuit

The criminals start the chases, they can end them at any time and that's solely where blame lies.

Today's paper wants you to feel sorry for Kristina Joy Fetters because she is dying of breast cancer and wants to take her last breaths outside prison walls with her mother caring for her.

As it is, Fetters death will be far more peaceful than the one her great-aunt, Arlene Klehm got because Fetters hit her on the head with an iron skillet and stabbed her at least five times.

Fetters should not feel freedom.


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