Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sadly, I'm sure Iowa Dummycrats believe this headline...

Democrats say falling revenues caused budget crisis, not spending

Senator Bob Dvorsky said Democrats have spent more in recent years on key areas such as teacher salaries and public universities, but not too much.

Just the other day David Yepsen called Iowa's spending "excessive".

Here's an update for your report Bob

State spending has increased nearly $1 BILLION in the last two years which is $100 million more than the previous 8 years combined!

And the scientific community is united in that fact.


Blogger Hans Lundahl said...

Hello, I was in des moines in 77, a nearly 9 yr old guest with my ma in a family

Were you there or can you locate any who was?

6:17 AM

Blogger King of SNARK said...

I was in Des Moines in 1977. What can I help you with?

2:29 PM

Blogger Hans Lundahl said...

You did not have a guest in your house, like a Swedish woman in long skirts and her nearly nine-year-old son?

2:11 AM

Blogger King of SNARK said...

Sorry, no.

3:34 AM

Blogger Hans Lundahl said...

none of your acquaintances either?

4:38 AM

Blogger King of SNARK said...

Again, no.

11:10 AM

Blogger Hans Lundahl said...



4:41 AM


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