Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here It Goes Again

I mentioned last week what Mathletes the Big Lug Nut and posse were with their 30,000 jobs created quickly falling to 22,000.

Now the Ragister wonders...

Do numbers add up in Culver's jobs plan?

Turns out it's a resounding NO!

The BLN's staff now has the job figure down to 21,000.

The reality is considerably less and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The Ragister cites an Iowa State University economics professor who estimates the jobs number closer to 4,050.

Although previously that same professor had the figure closer to 11,175 (1,490 jobs per $100 Million).

BLN spokesperson Phil Roeder says...

"Whether or not $100 million creates 1,500 jobs, 4,000 jobs or somewhere in between, the bottom line is it's going to create a lot of jobs."

My "ciphering" has it at 540 jobs per $100 Million Jethro Bodine.

Even after bursting the Big Lug Nut's bubble, the Ragister is all on board with Iowa borrowing $750 Million, not including $420 Million in interest...

Even if the governor's job-creation estimates from the bonding plan are exaggerated...

David Yepsen, who's moving to Illinois shortly, says...

The governor and the Legislature appear likely to take a more enlightened attitude toward public debt in Iowa.

Easy for him to say since the enlightened one won't be here and neither will his kids.

Remember when he used to whine because the state didn't do enough to keep his kids here and now he goes and leaves, Good luck in Illinois!

Yepsen also tries to equate the state borrowing with Iowa families and businesses borrow money to buy or repair homes, farms or businesses...

Except David, most Iowan's don't go further into debt by borrowing when their income keeps getting cut (Iowa’s sinking revenue projections plummeted another $400 million).

That's the kind of thinking that has helped spawn this whole financial crisis to begin with.

Good Job!


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