Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springtime In Alaska

Out of Alaska came this headline from a Palin bashing blog...

Hello, Iowa? I have Governor Palin on Line One…

It didn't give the whole story of the fund raising/survey call I received and shared (on 3/20) regarding Sarah Palin.

As I noted, the call clearly stated it was from Americans in Contact Pac and wasn't merely about the Alaska Governor.

I e-mailed blogger AKMuckraker when the story hit Iowa and shared my experience.

This is the reply I received...

"Thanks. I've got a further story coming on this. Appreciate the note."

It's been over a week and there has been nothing further, but I guess her focus shifted as she was recently outed by a fellow fiberal dummycrat she had supported.

Now that's having your muck raked and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Governor Palin has disavowed these calls...

Recently, there have been some pollsters or pitchmen trading on the Sarah Palin name – taking a pulse on the Governor's favorability. None of these polls are authorized by SarahPAC or the Governor. Again, SarahPAC is not doing any telephone solicitation at this time.


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