Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm not sure if it sounds like someplace you go to take a dump, the sound you make while taking a dump, or what you flush.

Looks like for the Iowa Senate Majority Leader (pictured) it's all of the above and the scientific community is united in that fact.

From both ends of the state Mike Gronstal is making news.

On federal deductibility the Sioux City Journal reports Gronstal says...

"Three-quarters of Iowans end up with the same deal or a better deal under this tax plan."

For Dummycrats, when it comes to taxes, the "same deal" is a good one.

Will the 173,821 Iowans that are getting the same deal, while other Iowans are getting a tax cut, think that's a good thing?

I would wonder why I'm getting screwed.

Gronstal continued...

"When it comes to a middle-class tax cut, an effort that will help 60 percent of all Iowa filers get tax relief..."

Dummycrats keep trying to sell this as middle class tax cut, but over 305,000 Iowans making under $125,000 will see a tax increase.

Here's and update for your report Gronstal, that's not relief!

Out of Cedar Rapids and the Gazette's, Gronstal said the Governor's$750 million bonding plan “is an absolutely on our list.”

An absolutely?

He's the leader?


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