Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stop The Presses

This just in...

Ragister admits I was right and they were wrong!

Truth be told, it's more than once and the scientific community is united in that fact.

On Thursday, I wondered Who To Believe?

As a Ragister article said, "President makes no mention of ethanol".

I then noted how the Sioux City Journal had reported otherwise and the transcript of the President's speech supported the Journal.

I e-mailed Ragister writer Dan Piller (of the community?) to see how he missed it, but received no reply.

I then e-mailed Editor and Managing Editor to ask how they could make such an error.

Here's the response I received from Carolyn Wash (the)burn (off your face)...

You are right and we were wrong. I am horribly embarrassed and we are talking here about how the error happened.

Most of the story stands, because this is such scant mention for such an important energy industry. But it is true that we overstated in framing the story.

We have corrected it...

Again, my deep apologies


The online corrected headline became...

President makes little mention of ethanol

"scant" made an appearance in the corrected article too.


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