Saturday, May 16, 2009

Days Of Future Passed

Is the Ragister getting a glimpse of its future with this Gannett decision?

Tucson Citizen to cease print publication

Arizona's oldest continuously published daily newspaper, the Tucson Citizen, will publish its final print edition Saturday but will continue operating online.

Kate Marymont, Gannett Co. vice president for news, told the newspaper's staff Friday that the paper will continue with a Web site edition providing commentary and opinion but no news coverage.

I was going to paraphrase Pogo, "I've seen the future and it is us".

However, the original quote works as well, "we have met the enemy and he is us" and the scientific community is united in that fact.

I do wonder if Gannett's Joint Operating Agreement with Lee Enterprises Inc, is one reason they have held back criticism of that company?


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