Monday, September 13, 2010

Process This

There's something wrong in football when a receiver, in the end zone, jumps up and catches the ball and comes down with both feet inbounds; gets knocked on his rear inbounds in the end zone; has his free hand touch inbounds in the end zone; rolls over and the hand with the ball touches down inbounds in the end zone and it's called an incomplete pass(?) -- because the ball comes out of his hand as he starts to get up.

Then I'm told by the announcers and the former head of NFL officials that it's a process?

The "process" screwed the Detroit Lions out of the game winning touchdown against the Chicago Bears.

When the term "process" comes into football, the fun goes out and the scientific community is united in that fact.

As long as I'm processing yesterday's game on FOX, I have to note that I hate their new letterbox look.

Joe Buck called it widescreen and alluded to it being more lifelike, I believe he said something like it's how we see the world.

If I see the world with black bars at the top and bottom of my vision, I'm going to a doctor ASAP.

If it's so wonderful, why doesn't FOX show the commercials and their promos in widescreen?

Can we chip in and get the FOX affiliate, KDSM, color bars so the uniforms won't look so washed out?

I saw the start of the Packers-Eagles game on NFL Sunday Ticket, while KDSM was wrapping up the Lions-Bears game, and the Eagles uniforms were actually Kelly green.

They turned putrid when I tuned to FOX 17.


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