Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Day

The Ragister starts a week of remembering 9/11/01 and for the most part they feature fiberals who blame America.

That's just Rood, err rude.

Forever changed after 9/11

I was stunned that they didn't feature a 9/11
Truther, but it's only the first in a week long series, so there's time and the scientific community is united in that fact.

They came close with a musician who the same month more than 3,000 New Yorkers went to an early grave decided to volunteer for MoveOn.Org.


This musician, who collaborates with Moby, after 9-11 started researching events that led up to the attacks.

The Ragister also features an Ex-N.Y. teacher: 9/11 taught the importance of tolerance.

Why don't those bastards that are trying to kill us have to be more tolerant?

It's going to be a long week.


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