Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playing The Blame Game

Partaking in the official sport of Washington D.C., Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is blaming Congress for the furloughs of meat inspectors expected later this year.

It is believed about a third of USDA’s 100,000 employees may be affected by the furloughs.

The Pickle claims he has no flexibility and furloughs are the only way I can get to $52 million in savings.

Vilsack doesn't mention that One hundred and fifteen jobs have been posted since sequestration began for the Agriculture Department.

Now that's government efficiency for you and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Iowa's Senior Senator, Chuck Grassley, schooled Vilsack on the facts -- The president proposed the sequester more than 18 months ago. That’s a long time for the executive branch to get its ducks in a row to avoid furloughs that impact life, health or safety

As for the $52 million in savings, it isn't quite the pickle Vilsack thinks, he could root out waste and fraud the Agriculture Department Inspector general recommends and save $5.6 billion.

That's no small ball and paints a pretty picture. 


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