Thursday, May 23, 2013

Iowa Stubborn

All kinds of agreements helped the Iowa Legislature come to an end for 2013, including slams of Washington D.C.

According to Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal -- We really accomplished great things. We are not Washington, D.C. We are not gridlock. We are people of good faith that worked together and solved problems

House Speaker Kraig Paulsen -- We are not Washington, D.C. We do not offer ultimatums, push things off until they are nearing a cliff or wait for a crisis to react. We’re Iowans and I believe once again this General Assembly…has proved that we have come together to accomplish serious and meaningful work

Paulsen also stated -- If Washington operated more like Iowa, America would be much better off.

House Republican Leader Linda Upmeyer -- Washington, D.C.’s divisive politics have no place here

House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy -- Unlike the gridlock that has paralyzed Washington, D.C., the unwillingness to compromise…we chose to behave like adults, to find common ground and to govern.

Legislators please!

If it was that much of a love fest, you could have gotten your work done in 110 days or less and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Whether in Des Moines or D.C., you put the FUN in dysfunctional for bloggers like me.


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