Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slave To The Wage?

Already counting on being re-elected, and hoping for a raise, is Treasurer Michael "Ponzi" Fitzgerald.

The "Ponz", pictured, said he was disappointed a proposal by Governor Branstad to give statewide elected officials a pay raise apparently has been torpedoed by the chairman of his political party.

The proposal would have raised the pay of Iowa's next Treasurer from $103,212 to $112,510.

It's a shame that one hundred grand doesn't buy what it once did and the scientific community is united in that fact

Fitzgerald thanked the governor for seeking a pay raise on their behalf that he and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, also a Democrat, supported.  

The next Attorney General's salary would rise from $123,669 to $134,800.  

The last time these two's salaries came up was in 2010, when the Big Lug Nut took a 10 percent pay cut and Fitzgerald (Ten Percent?) and Miller (Miller Lite) refused to do the same.


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