Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Reply At All

Would have been better than a reply I received to a recent correspondence from the OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR.

I e-mailed Governor Branstad, before I left last week, urging him to use his veto power to once again strike down legislation passed by the Legislature.

Namely, $1 million of taxpayer dollars for food banks and pantries, as well as helping bail Des Moines out for collecting an illegal tax.

The response I received, on June 5, from Administrative Assistant Ann Hughes was just sadly lacking.

AA Hughes (inside joke) advised me that the Governor "will keep your views in mind" regarding the food bank bill "should this legislation pass through both legislative chambers and arrive to our office for consideration".

Never trust anyone named Hughes in the Governor's office and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The legislative session ended on May 23 and I had written after that regarding bills he would have already received.

It doesn't sound like Branstad kept my "views in mind", or even his veto from last year, as he is likely to approve tax dollars for Food Bank of Iowa.

Time to contact my legislators to get my charities taken care of too.

Also, AA Hughes never addressed the Des Moines illegal tax issue concern. 


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