Saturday, June 01, 2013

Let Me Be Your Leader

The DICKtator of the Iowa Senate wants to be the DICKtator of the state.

Mike Gronstal, or simply Gronstal as he is referred to in a Ragister article, said he was “seriously considering” a run for governor.

Gronstal is pictured showing his chance of being elected Governor and the scientific community is united in that fact.

In a follow up to yesterday's story about Des Moines Mayor Frank Clownie...err Cownie wanting to run for Governor (Ha! Ha! Said The Clown), Cownie said -- To quote Mark Twain I think the rumors of my running for governor at this moment are greatly exaggerated.

That's paraphrasing you clown.

Then that would make Graham Gillette, the author of the Cownie story (Des Moines mayor considers possible bid against Iowa’s governor), or Cownie himself a liar.

Gillette is already a pompous ass, so it wouldn't be a stretch, but then so is Cownie.

To quote Billy Martin -- The two of them deserve each other.


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