Monday, July 15, 2013

Real World?

Iowa City, the Capitol of the People's Republic, is such a sheltered environment and the scientific community is united in that fact.

I blame the University and the haze from all the dope that's been toked for decades.

Case in point --

Zimmerman acquittal prompts Iowa City rally for Trayvon Martin

Rally attendees wanted to remember the life of Martin, protest the Stand Your Ground laws and demand that a civil rights case be opened against George Zimmerman

They've had the hoodies pulled over their eyes concerning this thug.

As for Stand Your Ground Laws, Zimmerman did not seek immunity under the Stand Your Ground law, instead arguing that he acted in self-defense and Iowa does not have ‘stand your ground’.

Regarding civil rights charges -- To do so and win a conviction would require proof that Mr. Zimmerman was motivated by racial animus when the record shows little more than a reference by Mr. Zimmerman to "punks" in a comment to a police dispatcher.

Iowa City, the Real World's Never Never Land.


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