Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Second Hand News

According to the Capitol Square Crapper, the Dummycrat opponent (Jim Mowrer) of Congressman Steve King was endorsed by VoteVets.org PAC.

I'm not sure why an endorsement by an organization Mowrer served as Senior Advisor rates as news.

More importantly, that information should have been disclosed in the Ragister's article.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

I've contacted the stories author, Jennifer Jacobs, and await her response to those very issues.

Also worth noting, is the reference to the group as nonpartisan.

Politico has labeled it a liberal group in at least two different articles.

Liberal groups get makeover

Liberal groups break with Obama on Syria

The second article noted --  VoteVets has often won praise from party strategists for its supportive role backing Democrats in congressional elections.

They have been referred to as a coalition of union and environmental groups masquerading as a military veterans organization.

Also, a front-group, which is really nothing more than the public face for the George Soros funded MoveOn.org.


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