Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Someone in the P.R. department at Wells Fargo may be the latest to be let go.

On the same day of this announcement

Wells Fargo lays off 263 more employees in Des Moines metro area

Comes word

Wells Fargo, presenting sponsor of The Principal Charity Classic for the past seven years, announced an extension of its sponsorship through 2015. "Wells Fargo is incredibly proud to be a part of The Principal Charity Classic, which does so much good for so many kids. Extending our sponsorship for another two years helps to ensure that this tournament's proud tradition will continue," said Dan Abbott, president of Retail Services, Wells Fargo.

Say Dan, keeping their parents employed "does so much good for so many kids too" and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Since July 18, Wells Fargo has notified 5,586 workers across the U.S., including 408 in the Des Moines area, that their positions will be eliminated.


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