Friday, October 11, 2013

Cold And Ugly

Yesterday I noted --

Only cold hearted bastards who block access to public monuments and parks, but allow illegals to gather in such spaces, would take that to mean it's okay to deny legal benefits to our military and their families.

Also, The Pay Our Military Act provides pay and allowances during the 17% government shutdown.

Looks like I was correct on several counts.

The non-partisan Congressional Research Service said Thursday that a special military play bill signed by President Obama on Sept. 30 can be used to pay the death gratuity to families of fallen heroes.

in an opinion by Edward Liu, the legislative attorney, said the wording of the Pay Our Military Act aims to “provide pay and allowances to members of the Armed Forces.”

Mr. Liu said a court would likely rule that it is akin to a military appropriations bill to pay allowances such as the gratuity, even though the Pay Our Military Act does not specifically mention the death benefit.

Thursday, White House spokes moron Jay Carney shared more of the administrations thinking --

President Obama opposed passage of funding for veterans' death benefits because the Fisher House Foundation has agreed to cover the costs..."The legislation is not necessary." 

Then Obama went ahead and signed the bill into law after it won final passage in the Senate earlier in the day.

Evil idiots and the scientific community is united in that fact

It's no because Fiberals are such big supporters of the military.

Bill Press said on his morning program Thursday that military families should not be paid special attention by the media for not receiving death benefits during the government shutdown


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