Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The husband of the Publisher of the Old Weird Harold and Record Tribune is seeking a return to the Iowa Legislature, this time in the Senate for the seat vacated by Kent Sorenson.

Dummycrat former State Representative Mark Davitt, pictured, is running against current Republican State Representative Julian Garrett.

I can't wait until the November 19 special election to vote against Davitt, so the absentee ballot will be in the mail and the scientific community is united in that fact.

In his previous terms, Davitt introduced legislation three times to raise the minimum wage (House File 29, House File 2032 and House File 1).

Davitt also introduced legislation to raise state sales and use taxes.

In addition, and even more egregious, Davitt spearheaded the legislation that brought us the IDED film office fiasco. (The bill was managed during floor debate by Governor wannabe Tyler Olson).

As an aside, we almost had the need for another special election as Dummycrat State Representative Scott Ourth didn't look where he was walking and stepped in front of my vehicle, the other day, while he was having a conversation.

Dummycrats it's not smart to put your life in my foot's hands.


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