Monday, October 14, 2013

The Bigger Picture

This Cedar Rapids Gazette headline is in one way quite telling and in the other, no surprise at all and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Iowa Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls call for expanding government

Why is it that the government is the only thing Dummycrats never try to stop from getting larger?

Tiny Tot Tyler Olson told a gathering in Iowa City --

“We need a candidate that is a clear break from the past … a totally different perspective in the governor’s office. Simply running on the best policies Democrats have to offer won’t be enough. “We need a governor that understands the pace of the change that’s happening.”

Running as a Dummycrat won't work.

Jack ASS...err, Hatch said --he felt “unbridled” speaking in the “People’s Republic of Johnson County.

That's because this braying asses policies include changing tax policies to tax the rich more and the middle class “a lot less.”

Can you say Socialist?

Hatch called for new clean water policies and to make state funds available for conservation practices.

Hatch wants to expand early childhood education and, for college students restructure financial aid to lower students’ college debt.

All of which translates into hold onto your wallet.

At the barbecue, Bob Krause put the problem this way --

The problem is the price of a McDonald’s hamburger. The difference in a price of a McDonald’s burger in the United States and Australia is six cents, but the minimum wage there is $14.50 – “almost a living wage” of $30,160 a year for a fulltime worker.


According to the The Economist, Aussies have paid anywhere from 6 cents to 70 cents extra for their Big Macs compared to Americans over the past two years, a 1 percent to 17 percent premium. 

Bob, take a look at the big picture

Lastly, Paul Dahl warned against nominating either Hatch or Olson. The former has “skeletons in his closet” that will be exploited by the Branstad campaign and Olson, he said, “is too young at 37 to be governor.”

Gee, maybe we've been too darned hard on Dahl?



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