Saturday, November 02, 2013

Alter The Ending

One week after endorsing Chris Diebel for Des Moines city council at-large the Ragister editorial board has reneged.

The Register's Editorial: Campaign attacks alter endorsement

The Capitol Square Crapper had a cow because Diebel's campaign criticized incumbent Skip Moore for his part in Des Moines having to repay the illegal tax it collected in the form of a utility franchise fee.

The Ragister noted that Moore was not on the city council when it voted to collect the fee in 2004.

True, but Moore was elected to the city council in December 2009 and failed as a leader, and the scientific community is united in that fact, in pushing for Des Moines to end the charade and save taxpayer money by not continuing the legal process.

Moore was complicit in Des Moines appealing the case to the Iowa Supreme Court in September 2010, it's request for a rehearing with the Iowa Supreme Court in 2012 and its petition to the United States Supreme Court in August 2012.

In March of 2012 Moore was quoted by the Ragister regarding his feelings on the Iowa Supreme Court ruling --

 “I’m definitely disappointed by the decision. I’m sure we’re going to be weighing all options.”

Looks like you may have skipped one, Moore.

In pulling its endorsement, the Ragister says -- The decision is now the voters’ to make.

It always is, you idiots.


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