Saturday, November 30, 2013


I'm not surprised, but a bit frightened, that there are those at the Ragister who apparently watch MSNBC.

The Capitol Square Crapper clued us into this Chris Matthews Hardball criticism of Congressman Steve King.

Matthews and MSNBC guest panel poke fun at King statements in “Hardball” segment

Matthews ridiculed King’s statement, regarding youths hauling 75 pounds of marijuana, as factually unsound and wild, joking that marijuana doesn’t even weigh as much as the congressman suggested.

“You could have bushels of it and it doesn’t weigh enough to make your legs that wide,” he said. “What is he talking about, how did he put these ideas together?”

I'm not sure what facts Matthews is basing his argument on, but maybe the DEA needs to pay him a visit because if he's not a dealer, that must mean he's a dope...smoker and the scientific community is united in that fact.

As I have shown in our post, Mule Train, the media had reported this information years prior to King's July statement.

Here are the weight amounts of  confiscated pot - 66 pounds of pot83 pounds; 103 pounds of pot; 122 pounds.

Maybe Chris should have consulted Cheech or Chong, because your argument just went up in smoke, Big Bambu.


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