Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Go Big America!

The Pickens Plan to end foreign oil has some good points, but relying on natural gas as a power source for vehicles isn't one of them.

Natural gas prices have been climbing in tandem with oil prices and are up 30% this year.

Supply and demand would shoot that price through the roof.

If you thought your heating bill was high last winter, you'll root for Gore-BULL warming to offset future natural gas bills and the scientific community is united in that fact.

I have doubts about the feasibility of wind too.

Wind power needs hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in new transmission networks to make it a big contributor to the U.S. electricity mix; today it provides just over 1% of power in the U.S.

I'm o.k. with it if T. Boone wants to put a turbine on the wind tunnel that is my property.

This is America, why do we want to limit ourselves to one or two solutions?

Let's continue to achieve greatness and do it all; wind, solar, nuclear, clean coal and domestic drilling in ANWAR and off our coasts.

These fiberal pansies keep telling us it'll take ten years to see any oil from domestic drilling.

Within a year we could see oil from our coastlines and in two to three years we'd have 800 million barrels from oil shale.

Pickens plan would take the next ten years and SNOBama's takes ten years or longer!

We'd reinvigorate the economy, see a reduction in the cost of oil and reduce our dependence on OPEC.

In the interim Newt Gingrich has suggested selling the over 700 million barrels in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

It would garner a huge cash influx that could be used to pay down the federal debt or apply it to alternative energy research.

Gingrich also suggested buying it back at a reduced price after the market drops because of the influx of supply.

See you later speculators!


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