Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inexperience squared

The hot rumor this week is that NObama is considering Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for Vice President.

Virginian Larry Sabato looks at Kaine's PROS & CONS.

A huge CON...

Obama's public office resume is undeniably thin. His recent successful Magical Mystery Tour of eight European and Middle Eastern countries notwithstanding, Obama has little or no foreign policy, military, and national security experience. Unless one counts foreign trade missions, Kaine has even less knowledge of these areas than Obama.

That's what generated the title of this piece and a possible slogan for the campaign.

Ben Shapiro has other NObama campaign slogans...

When Experience, Knowledge and Honor Just Aren't Good Enough. Vote Obama.

Hope. Change. And All That Other BS. Vote Obama.

Talking Big. Doing Nothing. Vote Obama.

This Election Is All About You. Voting for Me. Vote Obama.

Sure, I Remember Voting In the Senate That One Time. Vote Obama.

Kim Jung Il, Hamas and Fidel Castro Can't Be Wrong. Vote Obama.

Pass the Arugula. Vote Obama.

Like Black People? Vote Obama.

The Man With The Iraq Plan. Yeah, The Plan That Didn't Work. So What, Racist? Vote Obama.

Flag Pins Are Stupid. But I'm Not Unpatriotic. You Racist. Vote Obama.

Don't Like My Pastor? Shut Up, Racist. Still Don't Like Him? I Guess I Don't, Either. Vote Obama.

Fooling All of the People All of the Time. Vote Obama.

In a pinch you can always count on

And the scientific community is united in that fact.


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