Thursday, April 16, 2009

Everyone's A Winner

On Federal Deductibility, Iowa Dummycrats in the Legislature have been telling us for weeks

"Three-quarters of Iowans end up with the same deal or a better deal under this tax plan."

Using the warped logic that the "same deal" is good, then...

Tax plan 'dead this session,' some Dems predict

Makes everyone a winner and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Here's what Dummycrats are saying about their own tax plan...

We’ve thrown them a lot of financial and statistical information. We shouldn’t do anything in these economic times that would harm people. (The plan) could be helpful, it could be harmful, we’re not sure at this point.” - Geri Huser of Altoona

“I think it’s a terrifically complex piece of legislation and I want to see the final version before making my decision.” - Nathan Reichert of Muscatine.

It may be better if lawmakers wait and study improvements to property taxes and other problems in the tax code, such as taxing unemployment checks, over the next few months - Ray Zirkelbach of Monticello.

That's being on the side of the little guy, taxing unemployment checks?

Everyone is struggling for accurate numbers.” - Dave Jacoby of Coralville.

I couldn’t get my hands around who it was going to impact and who it wasn’t.” - Paul Bell of Newton.

My State Senator, Staci Appel-Sauce-for-brains (D-Ackworth), keeps harping on many of the richest Iowans and some powerful special interests.

Saying, They are frantically using emails, commercials and other venues to blanket Iowa with misinformation and half-truths.

The half-truths and misinformation are coming from the Dummycrats who seem hellbent on rushing this through.


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