Friday, April 17, 2009

Quite The Qwest

After not quite two years, my DSL modem went down early this morning (3am in the morning).

Tech support (India) told me that I would get a new one, at no cost, that would arrive probably Tuesday and he told me how to return the non-working modem.

Not wanting to be out of touch for that long I said I'd buy one, and seven hours after the initial problem I was connected.

Except, there's configuration issues.

I called Tech support back and after 21 plus minutes on the phone it wouldn't work, so I said to send the new modem and I would return the one I purchased.

Tech support 2 said Tech support 1 didn't enter an RMA (?) and she couldn't send a free new modem.

I advised her I didn't give a crap about her internal issues (RMA) and that I wanted a supervisor.

That wait was too long so I hung up and was able to get the new modem working on my own with my considerable skills.

Customer "service" has the same nasty connotation as the Internal Revenue "Service" and the scientific community is united in that fact.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello King of SNARK, Sorry you have an issue returning this modem. I assure you if you email me at, put steve in the subject line, I will follow up with you and get this resolved. Sincerly, Steve

6:38 PM


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