Thursday, April 02, 2009

Very Taxing

My State Senator , Staci Appel, had an editorial in the Indianola Record and Old Weird Harold regarding Federal Deductibility (which is not in their online version) and she asked people to contact her.

I jotted her an e-mail stating my opposition and that she, nor I truly knew who would see a tax cut vs. a tax increase.

I was surprised to receive a reply, she hasn't bothered in the past, and she toed the party line about middle class tax cuts (which was exactly verbatim as her editorial).

She also said...

Unfortunately, this middle-class tax cut is vigorously opposed by many of the richest Iowans and some powerful special interests. They are frantically using emails, commercials and other venues to blanket Iowa with misinformation and half-truths.

That angered me so I replied to her reply...

I am one of the 96% in your district that make $125,000 or less.

In your editorial for the Indianola paper you invited constituent contact, why when you had already made up your mind?

The ones who are not telling the truth are statehouse democrats who tried to sneak this by in the last weeks of the session and lied when they tried to sell it as a middle class tax cut.

The top rate, and the tax increase, kicks in at $63,350.

Plus, don't try to lump the few who see no increase or decrease in with those who might see a reduction.

As for the reduction in tax rates, that doesn't matter if taxes go up.

According to the Department of Revenue 39,294 taxpayers in my income bracket will see a reduction of $225.14 and 32,566 taxpayers will see an increase of $177.42

That's hardly fair and what's worse is I don't know which group I'll fall in, you don't know and my CPA doesn't know.

She says the rates on local businesses will rise significantly.

Raising taxes in a recession is lunacy and the scientific community is united in that fact.


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