Friday, May 01, 2009

Feeding Ones Sole

While at a D.C. food bank for a Feeding America event, to give bags of food to hungry children, the Fashionista First Lady was sporting $540 a pair shoes.

I thought she was a "ordinary, penny-pinching working mom" who could "get a whole outfit online for $400."

She's been praised for her frugal fashion sense who's made a big statement by "wearing brands that are more budget-conscious."

She was praised for wearing moderately priced clothing shows that she is consious of the pain that most Americans are facing today.

We're told that all shows of excess are in poor taste from TV shows to magazines. I’m reminded of a quote that is attributed to Marie Antoinette as the French Revolution and the French economic crisis loomed. “Let them Eat Cake.” At least Michelle Obama wouldn’t say that.

At $540 a pair she could have provided nearly 3,850 meals, per the Feeding America web site.

Now that's some soul food and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Chew on that!


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