Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mystery Date?

Speculation still runs less than rampant as to who the Dummycrats will select to give Senator Grassley "the race of his life.”

CommieTommie Harkin is clueless and he doesn't believe there's a well-known Democrat to take on Chuckles.

I've seen mention of ASSton Kutcher and as a couple of his latest projects have failed he could probably use the work.

This summer Kutcher stated he was "a fiscally conservative, socially liberal independent."

However Kutcher is big on Obama, having campaigned on Iowa campuses for him, plus he and Demi have pledged to be his servant.

Kutcher also campaigned for Kerry in '04, so someone's a punk about being "independent" and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Rozanne Conlin's name has been mentioned, but she found the idea very taxing saying in January campaign speculation was "not based in fact” and was being used as a "fundraising ploy for Grassley."

Last month I opined that the Dummycrat “first-round draft pick” was going to be Tom Vilsack.

At the time I also made light of Culver's daddy as a candidate, but I'm beginning to have second doubts.

Recently, Simpson College established the John C. Culver Fellowship Program to honor the public service of former Iowa U.S. Senator John C. Culver.

2010 could be the Culver's Squared campaign, although Culver's aren't square...they're round!


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