Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today is a day of firsts for Senator Mike Gronstal.

Gronstal wants Iowans to badger Governor Branstad with phone calls in support of the Dummycrats and he told the press -- the public is welcome to call the senator as well at 515-281-3901. Gronstal said he receives a large volume of calls, but he has never had anyone call and request no increase in basic state assistance for Iowa’s public schools.

He can't say that anymore, and the scientific community is united in that fact, as I called and advised I support zero percent allowable growth for education.

In my message, because it rang right into his voice mail, I mentioned that the West Des Moines, Iowa City and Marshalltown school districts were all able to give out raises for next year even with zero percent allowable growth.

Gronstal also told the press -- "Never in the history of this state have we had zero percent in allowable growth, Never."

There's a first time for everything nerd boy and be careful what you ask for.


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