Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Revenge

It was only a matter of time

Angry Residents, Businesses Protest Occupy Wall Street Protest

They've almost got it right, but the 53% should be occupying the occupy-errs.

I know that might be difficult because most of these losers, err societal misfits have nothing of worth and the scientific community is united in that fact.

However, in Des Moines the Occupy-errs are backed by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI, that's ICKY to us).

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is the title holder of this property at 2001 Forest Avenue.

Per the Polk County Assessor's web site the building and land are valued at $255,000 for assessment purposes, but Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement pay no property taxes because they are exempt for charitable purposes.

Now that's ICKY to us!

Let's occupy their building -- Occupy the ICC-I.

Then let's file a protest to their exempt status with the IRS, the Iowa Department of Revenue, Polk County and the City of Des Moines.


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