Saturday, April 13, 2013

Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For

Looking (picture) and acting every bit of a used car salesman, State Treasurer Michael "Ponzi" Fitzgerald blasted Governor Branstad.

State Treasurer says governor’s health care plan “a bad financial deal”

According to Fitzgerald -- “The governor’s plan is quite frankly a bad financial investment for the state of Iowa”.

Fitzgerald knows first hand about bad financial investment for the state and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The "Ponz" was on the IPERS investment board that lost over $300 Million to $500 Million, four years ago, that invested in funds managed by two New York brokers who have been arrested on federal criminal and civil charges in an alleged investment scam.

Fitzgerald is considered the architect of the Big Lug Nut's $1.7 billion dollar I-JOBS borrowing scam.

The Treasurer and his staff were so inept that they failed to deposit enough money in a reserve account for I-JOBS bonds and had to add $25 million of taxable bonds to its planned sale of $155 million of tax-exempt special obligation bonds to bolster its debt-service reserve on Build America Bonds and fend off a possible downgrade.

Plus, Fitzgerald and his staff failed to file a claim for $4,581 that had sat in his own Great Iowa Treasure Hunt for 9 years.

The "Ponz" and his people could also not locate the Iowa Beverage Division, Mari Culver, Iowa Supreme Court Justice Brent Appel and Iowa Court of Appeals Judge Larry Eisenhauer.


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