Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dummycrat Senate-errs Dick "Ain't That The Truth" Durbin and CommieTommie Harkin announced plans to hold an immigration forum in Ames, the congressional district of Steve King, this Friday.

The forum is supposed to feature “DREAMers from across Iowa, farmers, students and small businesses that support the Senate’s approach to immigration reform.”

I guess that will leave out Dream-err Maricela Aguilar, who supposedly lives in Wisconsin, but spends a lot of time in Washington at the office of Congressman King.

She was there Thursday, delivering a pair of cantaloupes, and she was there last month protesting King's efforts to roll back the Obama administration's policy of deferring deportations.

Aguilar stated, “I'm Maricela, I've been living here for 17 years, I'm undocumented, I'm going to be a future lawyer, and I'm not going to let Steve King take that away from me.”

That's all we need, another lawyer who doesn't believe they have to follow the law and the scientific community is united in that fact.

In the past, Aguiler was cited, in Wisconsin, for driving without a license, in an unregistered car, which means it was uninsured too.

Maybe that was when she was in Wisconsin to protest Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.

Aguiler is now an organizer for United We Dream because there’s no way I’m going to back to being a waitress ‘cause, that would just like, cripple my soul.

Aguiler is pictured second from left in the front, holding American Lawyers sign.


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