Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green And Dumb

The Green Party is holding their national convention, beginning today, in Iowa City.

The Capitol of the People's Republic is the perfect place to party, as long as you're 21, and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Will their 2008 nominee Cynthia McKinney attend?

Jill Stein, the party’s presidential candidate in 2012 and, perhaps, again in 2014, will participate in the convention.

I guess the Greens aren't smart enough to realize the next Presidential election is in 2016, not 2014.

Surely Libris Fidelis will be there.

The Greenies will offer strategic planning as well as an emphasis on encouraging and recruiting local level candidates and showing people that being Green is “not just running for president every four years and not winning.

Its not easy being Green

The Greens will bring in some major party officials. Rep. Mary Mascher, D-Iowa City, Sen. Rob "Boss" Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids, Des Moines Mayor Frank Clownie...err Cownie , Francis Thicke, a former Democratic candidate for state ag secretary

Looks like the Greenies are just an offshoot of the Goonies.


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