Thursday, July 18, 2013

Library Pictures?

Staying with our questionable pictures theme, the Ragister put a picture of Governor Wannabe Jack ASS...err, Hatch, with computers, to go with this story -- Newton library pulling plug on kiosk for jobless.

The picture isn't current, as Hatch is wearing a winter coat and I doubt that the other man in the picture is Library Director Sue Padilla.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

My takeaway is that Newton has reached full employment.

In other Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) news --

IWD LAYOFFS: Sequestration Cuts Blamed

The head of ASSME, Danny Homan, charged Governor Branstad has failed to keep his promise to bring more jobs to Iowa.

According to Homan -- “Now if he was in school he`d be getting an F on that operation because he isn’t coming close to creating 250,000 jobs.”

Homan either failed at math or is a liar, probably both, as Branstad's 2010 campaign plan was for 200,000 jobs.


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