Saturday, September 07, 2013

Half The Truth

The Greenhouse Effect, err Global Warming, err Climate Change influenced about half of 2012's wildest weather events.

Included in the half are -- Superstorm Sandy's devastating surge and the blistering U.S. summer heat, but not included were a record wet British summer and the U.S. drought.

Those were chalked up to the random freakiness of weather.

What's interesting is -- All 12 events would have happened anyway, but their magnitude and likelihood were boosted in some cases by global warming

I'm no scientist, and the scientific community is united in that fact, but if they were going to happen anyway, nothing could boost that likelihood.

The different authors of the 21 chapters used differing techniques to look at climate change connections, and in some instances came to conflicting and confusing conclusions.

Not only is the science not settled, neither are the scientists.

Then there's this -- Study: Warming Will Shift Tracks of Future Sandy-Like Tropical Storms Away from U.S. Northeast


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