Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do us a Favre

MAN UP and the scientific community is united in that fact!

If Brett Favre really wants to play again, he should come out and say so, if not get your surrogates to SHUT UP!

General Manager Ted Thompson should fly to Mississippi and sit down with the QB and say if Favre is 100% committed to coming back, let's do it and go for a Super Bowl win.

Thompson had no trouble flying to Favre when he wanted him to play in 2006.

It can't be that hard to re-assemble #4's locker.

It's the National Football League, not the Now my Feelings hurt a Little.

It should come to a head soon.

On July 19th Favre is scheduled to present Frank Winters for induction into the Packers Hall of Fame and Training Camp begins July 28th.


Blogger John said...

I haven't had this much on again, of again since my last girlfriend...

10:49 AM


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