Thursday, February 14, 2013

All American Alien Boy?

An univited guest in our country, who has over extended his stay, copped an attitude in front of a CONgressional panel.

Jose Antonio Vargas said he should not be called illegal, and saying it is an insult to his family who brought him here.

“When you inaccurately call me illegal, you not only dehumanize me, you’re offending them. No human being is illegal.”

Nearly two years ago he told ABC News -- “You can call me whatever you want to call me. But I am an American”.

Not so fast VargASS!

When you come to this country illegally and make demands on your host nation, you insult my immigrant Grandfather who came legally and served in our military.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

In addition, VargASS utilized false documents including a green card, Filipino passport, and a driver’s license that helped him to avoid deportation.

Those read like illegal acts to me and should get your VargASS deported.

Five years ago (A rose by any other name) the New Hampshire Union Leader wrote --

No one is claiming the people exist illegally. But they did get here illegally, and that's what people...  want us to forget.

...insistence that illegal immigrants be called "undocumented" is a deliberate attempt to make people think that their status is merely the result of some paperwork snafu. But it would be like calling a repeat drunk driver who'd lost his license an "undocumented" driver.

Illegal immigrants aren't breaking the law because they're undocumented. They're undocumented because they broke the law. Changing what we call them won't change that fact...


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