Monday, April 15, 2013

Shame Is The Name

With today being tax deadline day, the President and Vice President have customarily released their tax returns.

President Obama's effective federal income tax rate is 18.4 percent, which is down from the previous year of 20.5 percent, and sounding very Mitt Romney-esque.

Included in Obama's deductions was $150,034 to various charities.

Compare that to Vice President Biden's charitable givings of $7,190 ($2,000 of that donation was in the form of "donated property").

Of the cash given to charities, $220 went to BBHI and $200 was given to The Friends of Bellevue.

A Google search shows The Friends of Bellevue is not a sanatorium for Crazy Uncle Joe, but possibly the Friends of Bellevue State Park Inc.

BBHI is probably the Biden Breast Health Initiative.

$220 for a charity bearing your name shows a complete lack of support and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The Veep is cheap in more ways than one.

Especially when you consider he garnered $26,400 in rent from the federal government, but is not planning on donating a portion of his salary like President Obama and other Cabinet members in solidarity with furloughed federal workers.


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