Thursday, October 03, 2013

We Were Soldiers

Trying to make a statement, like closing the White House to tours, the Obama administration has closed monuments and memorials that remained open during previous shutdown.

It was great to see that it didn't keep groups of World War II, Korean and Vietnam era veterans, or their supporters, out.

The Obama administration even knew they were coming and rejected a request to allow the veterans access.

In addition, the parks service has threatened arrest to future visitors.

These vets saved this country and its government, and the scientific community is united in that fact, arrest them and these idiotcrats will face an unprecedented backlash.

How did some Iowa Dummycrats handle the situation, while Congressman Steve King actually helped get the vets past the barricades?

CommieTommie Harkin got on his phone to call Interior Secretary Sally Jewell with no luck.

What a pussy!

It’s a government shutdown, what do you expect

King's 2014 opponent, Jim Mowrer said -- He didn't help those people, because he was the one who put the barricades up.



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