Monday, September 30, 2013

Suffragette City

In 2009, when Staci Appel-sauce for brains was my State Senator, I contacted her about the Dummycrats desire to end Federal Deductibility (Very Taxing).

One of the downsides of that contact was that Staci took that to mean she could add me to her e-mail list and send me her propaganda...err newsletter.

Four years later, Staci has purloined that list from the State of Iowa and is using it to send me fundraising e-mails about her CONgressional campaign against Tom Latham.

I've received 26 such unsolicited fundraising e-mails since July, some from Staci, some from Loretta Sackey, Ben Miller, Nathan Arentsen, Louis Frankel, Paul Begala, Steve Israel and Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi wishes "she could have more leaders like Staci in Congress", by that she must mean mindless drones and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The House Minority Leader showed her leadership by being absent for Saturday's House vote on the Continuing Resolution.

Pelosi also urged me to "chip in $3" before today's "critical fundraising deadline".

Pelosi must not have a lot of faith, Staci's e-mails ask for $5.

Congressional candidates face deadline, seek cash

One of the e-mails from Staci stated, "Not sure if you knew this -- but, in 167 years, Iowa has failed to send a woman to Congress to represent them".

Iowa has been a state for nearly 167 years, but the first woman in Congress was a Republican elected 97 years ago.

For most Women, they've only had the right to vote for 93 years.

Current fundraising reports show Appel with $0.

I've given and will continue to give $0, because Staci Appel remains a zero to me.


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