Sunday, April 19, 2009

And The Island You Rhode In On

I hope it's back to Rhode Island permanently for Gene Gessow.

Although he claims...

I had planned to be here for years..."

Gessow never really made Iowa his home.

"Every four or five weeks - sometimes more, sometimes less - I fly home"

I never understood the love affair with the guy.

I thought the Big Lug Nut should have dropped him after Gessow committed perjury when he admitted he was registered to vote in Iowa and Rhode Island...

"I'm registered to vote there, and I'm also registered to vote here," he said. "But, of course, I only vote in one place."

David T. Borgman was charged with election misconduct, a Class D felony.

Even bigger issues were Atalissa, Glenwood and Woodward, but BLN was too stubborn to admit he made a mistake.

So Dummycrats fell in lockstep and voted the party line as not to humiliate their Governor.

Jack Hatch said Gessow is...

indispensable at this time in this state

Hatch continued...

I want you to understand the integrity and the heart of this man.”

Hatch thereby associated himself with another "N-word"...

NUTJOB and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The Ragister showed what an ass they are with this gem...

Are there concerns about Gessow? Yes. Could the governor find someone with broader experience in human services? Yes. Has Gessow made mistakes? Yes.

But (emphasis mine) Gessow was the choice of a governor elected by the majority of Iowa voters. Iowa's Constitution empowers the governor to run the executive branch. Culver should be free to hire the people he wants for key positions. And he ultimately should be held responsible for his Cabinet selections and how well state departments run under their supervision.

I'm sure they'd feel the same exact way for a Republican Governor, or on the national level a Republican President....Yea, sure!


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