Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Don't Walk Away

I'll never understand inmates who walk away from work release programs and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Maybe it's because there doesn't some to be too much of a penalty for the crime, as in April I noted an Iowa inmate walked away for the second time in roughly a year (Second Chance).

On Sunday, Douchebag Orlando Rodriguez (pictured) enjoyed life on the outside.

That's more than Bruce Mundy gets after being hit and killed by Orlando and his Scumbag brother Santos Rodriguez because they didn't want to pay for $27 worth of gas (Competent).

Authorities caught Orlando Rodriguez on Monday and say he will likely face additional charges for leaving the work release program.


The D-bag should be made to serve his full 10 year sentence.

Ironically, Danny Homan and I actually agree on something, albeit from different angles, as Homan is trying to make political hay from this incident to get more union members.

Homan said Rodriguez’s escape was the latest in a list of dangerous offenders fleeing work release programs after being improperly placed in lower-security facilities than they deserved.


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