Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Life In Prison

The online Ragister ran this story yesterday

Report: Iowa costs for prisoner health care rising sharply

Timely, and the scientific community is united in that fact, as the study was released a week earlier on 10/29.

Managing Prison Health Care Spending

The Capitol Square Crapper quoting the report -- significant growth reflects, in part, the rise in prison populations nationally.

But the sheer number of state prisoners does not explain all of the increased spending, the report said.

No, because there are some gaming the system what have they got to lose, healthcare can't be denied.

One Doctor noted -- some inmates with no personal investment in their own care may tend to behave in an entitled manner, may be less likely to follow treatment recommendations, and may have unrealistic expectations of the medical team. healthcare can't be denied.

Take James Verone, please, the man who robbed a bank for $1 just so he could go to jail for medical attention only did what scores of people have been doing for years.

Then there are instances where dozens of lawsuits have forced changes at the state and federal level that have opened the door to sex change operations, like convicted murderer Robert Kosilek in Massachusetts and convicted bank robber Michael A. Stokes in Virginia.

In addition, other inmates have received hormone therapy and other care for transgender issues.

Also driving  up the cost of prisoner health care -- inmates must often be transported to hospitals or nursing homes, where they are treated with the latest lifesaving methods and, yes, even though they are incapacitated from their illnesses, the law says they must be provided with security guards around the clock.


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