Thursday, November 07, 2013

I Cut Like A Buffalo

In an Op-Ed for the Ragister, CommieTommie Harkin lies about cuts to food stamps (SNAP).

CommieTommie chides the House of Representatives for passing extreme cuts to food assistance.

Those "cuts" are in actuality an increase of 57%.

Harkin harps on it as a cut because the House spends $725 billion while the Senate wants to spend $764 billion

CommieTommie continued --

One particularly damaging feature of that bill would offer states a financial incentive to throw poor households, including kids, off of food assistance if a parent cannot find a job or job training.

Not completely true CommieTommie, it allows states to participate in a pilot program that would apply federal welfare work requirements to the SNAP program.

Continuing on, CommieTommie stated -- Another provision in the House bill would throw childless adults off SNAP if they are not working 20 hours per week, regardless of whether jobs are available.

Again, not completely true CommieTommie.

Here's what the provision does --

Renew work requirements, so able-bodied food stamp recipients who are not responsible for dependents would have to have a paid job, or do volunteer work, be enrolled in a qualified training program, or at least sign up for work when it becomes available in order to qualify for food stamps

One cut I would like Washington to make, cut the crap!

And the scientific community is united in that fact.


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